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Deterring Insider Traders

The conviction of Rajat Gupta, (the former head of McKinsey and ex-board member of Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble) is being seen as a milestone in the long crackdown on insider trading by US prosecutors. Gupta was found guilty even though he did not personally benefit from the crime and the conviction was securedContinue Reading

A Eurobond via the Back-Door

The recent rise German Bund yields although moderate has garnered lot of attention because it seems to mark the end of a trend. So far, each escalation of the eurozone crisis has been accompanied by a widening spread between bund yields and those of peripheral EU countries.  Breaking this trend does not mean that GermanyContinue Reading

Mums’ World Counts Too

That mothers multi-task, manage households with meagre budgets, and are concerned about providing adequate guidance to their kids, is well-known. But when a survey of 4,000 mums confirms these realities the mother in me feels appreciated. I also felt good that the survey was called Mumdex, the name that drew me to the Financial TimesContinue Reading

Vying for a Tax-Free Passport

The latest prominent personality to renounce his US citizenship is the Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. Apparently, Saverin gave up the US passport to avoid a hefty capital gains tax bill that he would have incurred post-IPO.  However, Saverin is not a typical high net-worth individual who is renouncing his passport. The US Internal Revenue ServiceContinue Reading

Not Really Sunk with Hollande

Before the results of French elections were known much ink was used to speculate how the election of socialist Francois Hollande would lead to the shift in Franco- German axis on the issue of growth and austerity. Essentially Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy have invested a lot of political capital and time in the pro-austerityContinue Reading

The Pirates of the Web

It seems the infant Pirate Party in Germany is emerging as a political influence to be reckoned with. Last week it managed to count its 25,000th registered members – that’s half the number of members as the Green Party, the youngest among the established parties. For the behaviourally-trained eye, however, the party’s rise is notContinue Reading

Physically Lost, Mentally Found

A few days ago a junkie broke into my friend’s car while I was talking to her in front of the school gates. We were actually standing just 150 metres away from her car, but it was ten minutes after the police descended on the busy street that we realised they were actually converging aroundContinue Reading

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