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How Safe is Your Gold ETF?

Financial incentives are a powerful force. It can encourage the brightest minds to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, persuade high-school students to further their education, or prompt to pre-grad college students to drop-out. However in the financial services industry, money incentives have repeatedly revealed negative aspects. The bonus culture has come under increasingly negative scrutiny inContinue Reading

Children of the Great Recession

Say you are driving down a highway, the day after getting your license, and pass a dreadful crash that has scared you out of your wits. In the rear-view mirror, you see the destruction scattered across the road. You promise yourself to never drive recklessly, as that driver obviously did. With the vivid image searedContinue Reading

How to Influence Recruiters

As I write one final graduate program application, I imagine the pool of admissions officers at the university sieving through piles of paper. How does this group possibly determine who should have the opportunity to attend a program from hundreds of applicants, all of whom hold much the same qualifications? What sticks out from theContinue Reading

A Dutch Tale of Overreaction

Even a dull picture can capture attention when colourfully painted by the media. The opportunity to do so emerged this week with yet another negative story from the eurozone. The target was a country that is stable, whose unemployment is among the lowest in the EU, and which boasts a trade surplus and years of responsibleContinue Reading

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